Krka has been present in the Austrian market since the 1990s. We were selling the products to Austrian clients directly from Slovenia. In 2008, Krka acquired a company in Austria and in November 2009 renamed it to Krka Pharma GmbH.

Thus, Krka entered the Austrian pharmaceutical market under its own brand name and own field force. We focus on partnerships with doctors and pharmacists to provide Austrian patients with over 70 products in more than 250 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) of high-quality prescription pharmaceuticals.

Krka Pharma GmbH is mainly engaged in distribution and marketing activities. Sales generated through Krka Pharma GmbH contribute to the consolidation of Krka’s position on the generic pharmaceutical market in Western Europe. Krka Pharma GmbH ranks 13th in value and 10th in volume on the Austrian generic pharmaceutical market.

The market share of Krka Pharma GmbH will only increase as we are providing high-quality but affordable medicines to Western Europe and remain a reliable partner of medical professionals.

KRKA Pharma GmbH, Wien

Wagramer Straße 4,
Bürohaus Top 7
1220 Vienna