Krka has been officially represented in Azerbaijan since 2001. Local distribution companies had been selling Krka’s products from the 1990s, making Krka brands Enap, Pikovit, Septolete and Panzynorm available for the first time in Azerbaijan. Looking at the 2000s, the market share of Krka in Azerbaijan ranked in the 60-70th place among 900 companies. In 2013, Krka’s market position rose to 47th. Today, Krka is a well-known company that markets 40 brands and ranks first in terms of sales of prescription products in Azerbaijan. We are an expert company in the field of cardiology (ACE, ARB and statins) and gastroenterology (ranked first among PPIs). Many Azerbaijani doctors trust Krka brands and prescribe them for the effective and safe treatment of their patients.

Representative office Azerbaijan

AGA business center
Khojali Avenue 55
1025 Baku