Czech Republic

The history of Krka in the Czech Republic began in the early 1990s with the foundation of Krka’s representative office in Prague. It was one of the first generic companies to enter the market after the political changes.

Krka was the first company in 1992 that offered enalapril for the treatment of hypertension. With this product, Krka took on the role of the causative agent, and the product has become the most successful Krka medicinal product in the Czech Republic. Among others, this successful story made Krka well-known and well-regarded by Czech doctors.

Krka ČR, s.r.o. focuses on cardiology, gastroenterology, psychiatry and pain segments. In this regard, Krka is considered one of the strongest partners in the promotion of high-quality, value-added generic medicines. Over 80% of Krka’s pharmaceutical sales come from prescription medicines.

OTC division of Krka CZ focuses mainly on pain relief medicines (Nalgesin), a variety of cold and flu products (Herbion Isla Moss, Herbion Ivy, Septanazal, Septolete) and digestion products (Nolpaza Control).

In 2012, Krka entered the market of veterinary medicines under its own brand. The most important products include Fypryst, Dehinel, Selehold, Milprazon and Enroxil. Krka is enjoying a high level of trust from industry stakeholders. Health care authorities, health care professionals and patients in the Czech Republic have considered Krka a reliable partner for years.

Krka belongs to the TOP 20 companies from the sales point of view. Over the past 2 years, it has been among the TOP 3 companies in units sold and the number of patients; almost 1 million patients (1/10 of the total population) use at least one Krka product daily.  

In the future, Krka will continue its sustainable growth in the Czech market, increasing the accessibility of modern and quality medicines to Czech patients.

KRKA ČR, s. r. o.

Sokolovská 192/79
186 00 Prague 8-Karlín