Krka’s representative office in Kazakhstan was opened in 1994, but Krka’s products were available even before that. Today, Krka is one of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in Kazakhstan. In 2012, the former representative office was transformed into LLC KRKA Kazakhstan. Today, we have almost 100 employees, our own sales department and a well organized level of distribution.

Krka has the leading position among pharmaceutical companies in the market. We support the professional growth of our employees. We also develop knowledge of our partners – healthcare specialists. We regularly conduct symposia and also participate in various scientific conferences, seminars, inviting Kazakhstan scientists and scientists from foreign countries to share their knowledge and experience.

Our prescription product portfolio covers the categories of antihypertensive medicines (perindoprils and sartans), lipid-lowering medicines (statins), products for the treatment of acid-related diseases (proton pump inhibitors, bismuth) and antibiotics. This is the result of Krka’s innovative approach in the development and production of its products. What is more, LLC KRKA Kazakhstan supports clinical research with Krka’s products in cooperation with independent healthcare specialists in Kazakhstan.

Prescription medicines occupy a leading position in the treatment of cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases.

Our OTC product portfolio covers medicines for cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, NSAIDs and enzyme preparations. OTC products occupy a leading position in herbal medicines for cough and in the group of vitamins for adults and children.

Krka offers modern medicines produced according to the highest European standards. Our strategic goals drive us to offer high-quality medicines at an affordable price, provide a wide range of medicines for the most common diseases today, be the first to launch new medicines, support health professionals and work together for a common goal – living a healthy life.

LLC “KRKA Kazakhstan”

Business center «Koktem Square», Microdistrict Koktem 1, building 15A, office 601
050040 Almaty city