Krka first entered the Hungarian market in 1992 with a representative office in Budapest. Since June 2006, it has been present with a subsidiary ‘Krka Magyarország Kereskedelmi Kft’.

Krka introduced its cardiac medications, steroids, antibiotics, and antiviral agents to the Hungarian market already in 1985. Since the expansion of our product portfolio in 2004, Krka has been offering new and innovative products to the Hungarian market every year. Since its establishment Krka Magyarország has become a key actor, ranking among the top five generic pharmaceutical companies in the country.

Currently, more than 100 Krka brands are present in the Hungarian market. We sell more than 15 million units a year, providing doctors, pharmacists and patients with high-quality products. Cardiology is our main therapeutic area with ACEi, sartans, statins, and their combinations, besides CNS (antidepressants, antipsychotics) and gastroenterology with proton pump inhibitors. We also provide some important active substances and a wide range of antibiotics, urology and oncology products. 

Krka’s OTC business unit in Hungary is relatively young, yet non-prescription products are already competitive in the categories of brain circulation (Bilobil), cough (Herbion), sore throat (Septolete Extra), varicose veins (Flebaven), analgesics (Analgesin Dolo), allergies (Dassergo and Cezera), digestion (Nolpaza Control) and nasal sprays (SeptaNazal).

Krka’s team in Hungary also supports veterinarians and the needs of companion and food-producing animals. The animal health segment is smaller but aims to achieve further growth to increase customers’ satisfaction.

With unique pharmaceutical solutions, we continue to offer treatment tailored to patients’ needs and strive for long-term partnerships.

KRKA Magyarország Kft.

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