Krka’s representative office in Moldova was established in 1998, but Krka’s products were available on the market even before that. In 2023, the representative office was restructured as a subsidiary. So far, we have met many trials and challenges. Having clear strategies and vision, values that we fully believe in and people who demonstrate their loyalty and devotion over time, we are flexible to change. So, Krka’s representative office in Moldova managed to become the market leader in generic medicines.

Krka’s products are produced in line with the highest European standards, following our strategic objectives: to offer quality medicines at an affordable price, offer a wide range of medicines for the most common diseases and be the first to launch the new products. Our efforts paid off as Krka medicines are at the top of HCPs as well as patients’ preferences.  

Currently, Krka’s team in Moldova is not large in number, but we are strong in ambition, energy and strength. Medical representatives are proud to promote Krka’s products, which are the leaders in their respective categories.

Branch Office Moldova

Str. Tighina 49/3
2001 Chisináu