Krka generic medicines were launched in Portugal in January 2007. Besides promoting Krka’s brand in Europe, we aim to expand our products to help everyone live a healthy life. Since then, we have continuously invested in the development of our generic medicines, fixed-dose combinations, non-prescription and animal health products.

Krka’s commitment has always been to offer generic medicines in the areas of the highest relevance for people. The central nervous and cardiovascular systems are most frequently affected by chronic diseases. Both undoubtedly have the highest impact on the health of the European population and negatively affect the daily routines of many patients. Therefore, we try our best to help people with accessible, high-quality medicines adjusted to their needs.

Krka Portugal is a middle-sized company, ranking among TOP 5 generic companies in the Portuguese market. Our vast portfolio covers many therapeutic areas, contributing to the increased trust in Krka and generic medicines in general.

KRKA Farmacêutica, Unipessoal Lda.

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