Krka entered the Slovak market in 1993. Krka’s products were initially promoted through partners. In 2008, Krka founded a subsidiary Krka Slovensko s. r. o. that is engaged in the promotion of Krka products in Slovakia.

During its presence in the market, Krka became the third largest generic company and the 11th biggest manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in Slovakia.

The main responsibility of Krka Slovakia is the promotion of prescription products. Krka is the largest generic manufacturer in the field of cardiovascular diseases, as well as the leader in the production of proton pump inhibitors, antipsychotics, antiparkinsonian agents and antidepressants. Krka is also a well-renowned OTC producer. Brands like Nalgesin S, Septolete, and Flebaven are very popular among the Slovak population. Furthermore, we promote veterinary products, both in veterinarian clinics and over the counter in pharmacies.

At Krka Slovakia we believe in trust and long-lasting partnerships. Therefore, we remain a reliable partner for medical professionals and will keep working hard to provide Slovakian patients with innovative, high-quality, safe and affordable medicines.

KRKA Slovensko, s.r.o.

Green Point Offices, block F, Turčianska 2
821 09 Bratislava