Dr. Boris Žnidarič

President of the Human Resource Committee


Boris Žnidarič was born in 1948. He holds a PhD in social sciences and a master’s degree in law. Until his retirement, he served on the management board of Kapitalska družba, d. d., Ljubljana, the company that manages additional funds for pension and disability insurance. Before that, he was successfully employed by several departments of an insurance company, the Triglav Group.

He was the deputy president of the management board of Zavarovalnica Triglav, where, in addition to managing directors of organisational units, he was also responsible for strategic human resource management in subsidiaries. He was on the management board of Triglav Osiguranje in Zagreb, Croatia. He also managed the Celje regional unit of Zavarovalnica Triglav, and led the central department for prevention and detection of insurance fraud. Before taking up that position, he was an adviser to the member of the management board for strategic human resource management in the Triglav Group, and an assistant director for legal, human resources, and general affairs at the Ljubljana unit. He holds a certificate of professional competence for supervisory board membership. In addition to his diverse career in insurance, he is also a university lecturer.