Dr. Mari Božič


Dr Mari Božič, born in 1964, is Assistant Head of Pharmaceutical Development. She has been with Krka since 1981. Holding a degree in economics, she has specialised in business economics, completed postgraduate studies in management, and earned a doctoral degree in quality management.

She built on her secondary school knowledge of pharmacy and chemistry through work experience in various pharmaceutical production, research, and development departments. In 2004, the Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology (SIQ) certified Božič as an internal auditor for the quality management system.

Bolstered by her work experience, her expertise was instrumental in establishing the quality system at the Pharmaceutical Development Pilot Plant in 2002. She took over its management in 2007 and has successfully performed her duties for nearly 17 years. During the expansion of development facilities, she joined several project teams, with the construction of the Pharmaceutical Development Pilot Plant in 2018 being the largest project.

Since 2005, she has been a member of the Krka Works Council and has served as its President since 2023. She is also a member of the Association of Works Councils of Slovenia. Continuously upskilling, Božič is actively involved in economic democracy, with a primary focus on employee relations. She participates in conferences and publishes articles in both domestic and foreign publications.

The Works Council appointed Božič as an employee representative to the Supervisory Board from 21 June 2024 to 21 June 2029. She holds an SDA Certificate, evidencing her qualifications for sitting on a supervisory or management board.