Prof. dr. Julijana Kristl


Julijana Kristl, born in 1953, holds a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences. She was employed at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Ljubljana (1977–2021). She upskilled at the University of Geneva and the University of Lyon, and also in the pharmaceutical industry.

In the course of her career, she served as Vice-Dean, Head of the Chair of Pharmaceutical Technology, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, and Vice-Rector at the University of Ljubljana (two terms). She is active as a member of many prominent commissions and committees at the state and university levels.

Her scientific career started in the area of pharmaceutical technology. Her greatest achievements include the development and institution of pharmaceutical nanotechnology in Slovenia. Her initial work focused on development and evaluation of active substance delivery systems that support innovative modes and new mechanisms of treatment. Her notable achievements include research and development on lipid and polymer nanostructures (various nanoparticles and nanofibres), discovery of mechanisms for increasing solubility and bioavailability of active ingredients, and understanding the correlation between the structural composition and the real-time cell response after coming into contact with them. Thanks to her achievements, she is a globally acclaimed pharmaceutical nanotechnologist.

She is committed to research, gaining and sharing knowledge with students and the professional community. She sets high professional goals, is oriented towards the future, and attends to social benefits. Her knowledge, competencies, independence, and autonomy are solid foundations for successful work on the Supervisory Board of Krka.