Dr. Mateja Vrečer


Mateja Vrečer, born in 1966, has been working at Krka since 1990. She started out as a pharmaceutical engineering graduate and later passed the certification examination in pharmaceutical engineering, obtained a master’s degree, and gained a doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences.

She first worked in Research and Development, where she prepared technical documentation for proposed new products. After their approval, she managed projects leading to registrations and product launches in Slovenia. In 1997, she was appointed Deputy Director of Quality Management with a quality management remit. In March 2007, she took up the role of Head of International Quality Assurance. In September 2011, she accepted the position of Director of Quality Management.

She was an employee representative of the Krka Supervisory Board in the 2005–2009, 2009–2014, 2014–2019 and 2019–2024 terms. The Works Council elected Vrečer as an employee representative for another term of office, commencing on 21 June 2024.