Eva Pušavec Kirar

Senior Researcher, API R&D


My career path at Krka started in 2018 when I became a senior researcher in API R&D. My mentor and colleagues helped me to learn all about the stages of developing chemical synthesis of an active pharmaceutical ingredient, from preparation of the feasibility study through to production of the active pharmaceutical ingredient at Krka production plants.

Conducting experiments is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to developing chemical synthesis of the active pharmaceutical ingredient. I work with colleagues from various departments, such as Analytics Development, Pharmaceutical Development, Purchasing, Industrial Property, and others. We all have to consider different aspects and requirements that must be adhered to when developing chemical synthesis of an active pharmaceutical ingredient in order to ensure quality, safety and efficacy of the medicine put on the market.

Researchers must be determined and organised to measure up to the challenges of their work, which is highly versatile, interesting and has plenty of scope for professional growth.

All members of the research team invest their broad knowledge into developing the chemical synthesis of an active pharmaceutical ingredient. Teamwork and joint efforts to achieve goals are the two things that motivate me to continue my research work and make every day at work enjoyable.

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