Miha Plevnik

Head of Laboratory, Process Analytics Development


I earned my spot on the Krka team by winning the Krka Prize for my doctoral thesis in 2006. Now I am head of laboratory in Analytics of API R&D where I work on nuclear magnetic resonance techniques, generally known as a medical application, in which magnetic resonance imaging is used to study anatomic structures and physiological processes.

In our research work, however, this imaging technique is not used on people, rather on chemical compounds to study their structure in solutions. We use state-of-the-art equipment to apply analytical methods that allow us to monitor chemical processes and support the development of new synthesis routes for active ingredients. We work with external research institutions in Slovenia and abroad.

I am also the editor of Krka Prizes Collection of Abstracts, which means that I can see first-hand our company’s steadfast support for young researchers and their mentors by recognising their efforts and rewarding their work.

Young people have a genuine enthusiasm for research. I just hope that they retain it as they grow up, rather than lose it along the way. Enthusiasm for research is something that Krka supports and promotes by investing in modern research equipment. The rest is up to us, Krka experts, to justify its trust by achieving good results.

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