Srečko Zupančič

Deputy Head of Services, Business Operations IT Support


I started my career at Krka in 2008 after several years in the software and system optimisation industry. Krka has made it possible for me to upskill and broaden my experience. At first, I was part of the team that provided support to processes in the R&D, Quality Management and New Products departments. Through cooperation with different project teams I learned a lot about the work processes in the Marketing, Sales, and Production departments.

My work included handling master data. These are the cornerstone for the operation and optimal functioning of our business processes. I am currently the Head of Solutions Data Integration and Master Data department. My department is responsible for providing IT support for new product roll outs and obtaining marketing authorisations for them, and for developing and maintaining interfaces between individual information systems.

By supporting and encouraging the use of modern IT solutions, Krka’s management contributes to a working environment which facilitates career development and the development of new competencies and realised potentials and inspires self-motivation in each employee.

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