Urška Fabjan

Head of Work Unit, Packaging, Pharmaceutical Production


Right after I finished my secondary school I was hired by Krka as an operator-washer on the infusion solution filling line. My co-workers were very knowledgeable and experienced; they were my role models. I tried to gain as much knowledge as I could to become independent as quickly as possible. I learnt how to be precise and disciplined. As a team we were full of mutual respect, building sound interpersonal relations that led to good results.

While I worked, I also studied to become a chemical technician. I was promoted after four years and was put in charge of the ampoule cleaning and inspection process. Soon, an opportunity presented itself and I started working in a packaging room at the new Notol plant.

Krka knows how to reward effort, success and results. I was offered an opportunity to continue my studies so I seized the opportunity, which further drove my incentive to work and study. My proudest moment was being part of the team that commissioned the Notol 2 plant as head of the Packaging work unit.

If I was setting out on my career at Krka today, I would want to take the same path all over again. I was afforded the opportunity to work in several different job positions, acquire skills and experience that I now use in my line of work daily. I have always been very proud and delighted to be part of Krka.

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