Urška Pate

Qualified Person for Drug Release, Quality Management


I started working at Krka after completing my pharmacy studies. I started off as a senior professional associate in International Quality Assurance and eventually moved to my current position in Quality Assurance of Solid Dosage Forms.

I am responsible for monitoring and obtaining feedback about the quality of our products from customers, healthcare professionals and regulatory authorities.

My work brings me into daily contact with Krka subsidiaries and representative offices, our customers, partners, and medicines authorities. I am a member of various interdisciplinary expert teams. Quality assurance of solid dosage forms focuses on ensuring that medicinal product batches meet quality requirements. Our job is to control the production process for each product batch, ensure the compliance of documents, and decide whether individual batches can be released to the market.

We are responsible for ensuring that the processes comply with good manufacturing practice guidelines and other standards and that full account is taken of registration documentation and marketing authorisations. For me, quality is a mission. I see it as a commitment to provide high-quality, safe and effective medicines to our end users.

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