Research and development

Part of our vertically integrated business model is research and development. It enables us to design and maintain a competitive portfolio of products.

Our development strategy has two key advantages, vertical integration and connectivity of development and production processes, and enables us to achieve goals and deliver added-value products on markets as the first generic manufacturer. We guarantee uninterrupted supplies of new and competitive medicines to various markets by comprehensive and careful monitoring of products throughout their life cycles.

We are able to respond quickly to development challenges, marketing requirements, potentials, and opportunities by following trends and scientific achievements in various expert fields (technological and analytical, therapeutic areas, etc.). In order to develop and introduce advanced medicines on time, we develop the most optimal patent strategies and integrate them in research and development of new medicines. We use the vertically integrated model in order to manage patent, development, legislative, production, and marketing requirements. By managing the entire process, we are able to research, develop, evaluate, register, and produce incoming materials, our own active ingredients, and finished products. Our own development and effective integration of development and production phases guarantee that we deliver high-quality, effective, safe and competitive products to markets on time.

We have adopted the development strategy and project approach to manage products in all phases of their life cycles. Research-and-development results and practical understanding of legislative requirements enable us to draw up and manage complex registration documentation and obtain marketing authorisations for products on time. Regulatory requirements are growing more complex, so we keep introducing new, additional and improved approaches to development trials. We are constantly upgrading and using them in our research. We regularly introduce new products and maintain their competitiveness in over 70 countries across the world.

When entering new and technologically challenging areas, for example similar biological medicines, we establish connections with other companies and institutions. We have a special group of experts on recombinant technologies and products. They actively follow products and technologies in different development phases at potential partners. We assess potentials of various therapeutic segments, in particular medicines for the treatment of diabetes and autoimmune diseases, and establish relevant business cooperation. We conduct diligent expert and business reviews of particular products that serve as the basis for establishing business cooperation.

To enter a new strategic market, China, we have used our own know-how, adjusted development activities properly, joined development and manufacturing, and obtained information about regulatory and marketing requirements. Establishment of suitable development and production processes and connections allows us to successfully and comprehensively manage products at all stages of development, production, evaluation, registration, and introduction to new markets.