We are continuing our efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus and ensure uninterrupted production of medicinal products

Generic medicinal products comprise about 80% of all medicinal products used for the treatment of patients in Europe. Krka is one of the leading generic pharmaceutical companies and we manufacture a large proportion of generic medicinal products used in the European market. Therefore, we have a great responsibility to ensure uninterrupted business operations and supply of medicinal products to patients at home and abroad. 

During the COVID-19 epidemic, Krka’s business operations have not changed substantially, but we have been responding to all changes quickly and adjusting our activities to them. We are making every effort to ensure smooth operation of our supply chain, as this is the only way to ensure that many European and other countries receive the medicinal products they need. As a member of Medicines for Europe, the European association of generic pharmaceutical companies, it is our duty to implement various measures to ensure uninterrupted operation of our production capacities.

Our vertically integrated business model has again proven our great advantage, as it helps us manage our products throughout their life cycles. It covers a broad range of processes and activities on a global level and comprises development, quality control, a well-organised supply chain, various in-house production capabilities, marketing and sales activities, and support services. Despite the difficult situation, Krka currently has ample supply of raw materials. Our manufacturing facilities and all other necessary operational services have been successfully operating throughout these difficult times. European countries are closing their borders, but have established a special regime for the transport of medicinal products, which shows the extreme importance of the supply of pharmaceutical products to markets.


  • During world health day we wish everyone to stay healthy

    As the world strives to bring down the number of infections with the novel coronavirus, this year’s World Health Day is dedicated to nurses and midwives. Their hard work and the work of other health care workers is especially noteworthy during this crisis, which is why we are taking this opportunity to express our gratitude to them.

  • Acknowledging the doctors and pharmacists

    The coronavirus pandemic is changing our lives. We would like to thank the doctors and pharmacists on the front lines of this pandemic helping their patients.

How to easily disinfect surfaces?

Please note that Ecocid S may not be available in all markets. Please contact the local representative office for up-to-date information relevant for your country.