Sponsorships and donations

We believe that our focus on sustainable development and listening to the needs of the society that we are part of are proof of our success. This is the reason we support numerous healthcare and humanitarian projects through sponsorship and grants, and investing in sport, education, science and culture.

In 2019, we allocated 0.26% of sales revenue for sponsorships and donations, and helped over 850 non-profit institutions, associations, and organisations achieve their goals.Most of the funds we put into sponsorship and grants are intended to promote not-for-profit activities. We focus on the environment at the local and national level, and also support individual activities outside Slovenia. We give priority to cooperation on long-term projects, which can contribute to improved lives for as many people as possible.

We develop partnership relations with those we sponsor. In addition to monetary assistance, we also offer organisational support to our partner organisations and cooperation from our employees on specific projects. Since 2007 we have organised meetings for recipients of Krka sponsorship where we present Krka's corporate identity strategy, and assess our joint achievements and new opportunities for collaboration.

Supporting the wider social community is a fixed element of Krka’s business approach, which maintains and consolidates good relations with various sections of the public, while increasing employee loyalty, given the involvement of Krka staff and their families in all the different clubs and societies.