8th Krka's Week of Charity and Volunteering

During Krka's Week of Charity and Volunteering, Krka employees joined their forces under the slogan Charity is a part of us for the eighth successive year. They showed their dedication to values such as volunteering, humanity, and mutual help not only in Slovenia, but also in 24 subsidiaries and representative offices abroad. The week that is now behind us was filled with genuine smiles, warm handshakes and goodwill. We all felt inspired by what we experienced, knowing full well that what we do for others is what counts the most.

A charity activity at the Gerizim Boys and Girls Orphanage in India.

Caring for fellow human beings is part of Krka's culture. Many Krka employees have found their calling in acts of charity and volunteering, through activities organised by Krka or through their own initiative. In this way, we have been strengthening our social responsibility and humanitarian activities for more than six decades. Krka has been organising Krka's Week of Charity and Volunteering since 2012. Over the past eight years, our acts of kindness and volunteering spirit have brought us together in 8,331 charity activities.

This past week could also be called the week of open hearts, as 1,250 volunteers representing over 20% of Krka's entire workforce in Slovenia (including Terme Krka) took part in various activities. New volunteers join us every year; this year, over 100 employees participated in the campaign for the first time. We are particularly happy to see that our subsidiaries and representative offices have also started to partake in our humanitarian activities. This year, we were joined by our colleagues in the Russian Federation, Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, Serbia, Turkmenistan, Spain, North Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Slovakia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mongolia, Croatia, the Republic of Kosovo, Armenia, Bulgaria, Great Britain, and also India.


During 8th Krka's Week of Charity and Volunteering, 298 Krka employees donated 131 litres of blood, collected more than 4 tonnes of necessities and 400 kg of pet food, prepared 4.7 tonnes of food packets and sorted out 1.9 tonnes of clothes at Red Cross and Karitas locations. We socialised with the elderly at 28 retirement homes and the wards of 12 occupational activity centres, special education schools and other institutes and institutions across Slovenia.

Follow up:

  Krka's Week of Charity and Volunteering 2019

More than 1,250 Krka volunteers representing over 20% of Krka's entire workforce in Slovenia participated in this year's campaign. We were also joined by Krka employees from 24 subsidiaries and representative offices abroad.
​This year, we collected 4.2 tonnes of clothes, food, children's and other necessities.
This year, we donated 131 litres of blood. Over the past eight years, we have donated a total of 933 litres of this precious liquid and helped save many lives.
We kept company to the pupils of 12 occupational activity centres, special education schools, and other institutions. 
We kept company to the elderly in 28 retirement homes and the wards.
We helped prepare 4.7 tonnes of food packages and sort 1.9 tonnes of clothes at the Red Cross and Karitas organisations. 
This year, we collected 400 kg of pet food.
Na dnevu odprtih vrat smo gostili 2040 obiskovalcev - slušateljev Univerze za tretje življenjsko obdobje in krkaše z ožjimi družinskimi člani.