Krka's Week of Charity and Volunteering 2022

During the 9th Krka’s Week of Charity and Volunteering we shared the values ​​of volunteering and interpersonal assistance, connecting members of different generations under the slogan Charity is also a part of us. We concluded the week with an Open Doors Day, hosting close to 2,000 students of the Slovenian Third Age University. Over the course of the week our days were marked by noble acts that filled us with a sense of giving and gratitude. We felt inspired by what we experienced, knowing full well that what we do for others is what matters the most. 

Over the course of six days, selfless acts of charity united 850 Krka volunteers across Slovenia. We were especially pleased to see many new volunteers join our ranks - almost 200 new volunteers this year alone. We were joined by our colleagues from 15 countries where Krka has established its network of subsidiaries and representative offices abroad. Krka's acts of charity were appreciated in Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Kosovo, Croatia, the Russian Federation, Romania, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia and India.

Caring for fellow human beings is part of Krka's culture. Many Krka employees have found their calling in acts of charity and volunteering over the years, either through activities organised by Krka or through their own initiative. In this way, we have been strengthening our social responsibility and humanitarian acts for more than six decades. We are pleased to see an increased number of participants each year, as humanitarian work is an important reflection of solidarity.

You can see how the Krka team was united by a simple desire to help in the video below.

The video below features the views of Krka’s Volunteers of the Year; it provides encouragement for doing something good and helping those who need our help the most.

Follow up:



9,181 Krka volunteers took part in acts of charity.

We collected 29.4 tons of clothes, food, books, toys, and personal hygiene items and other necessities for Slovenian Red Cross and Karitas organisations.

We donated 1,013 litres of blood.

We kept the residents of 12 occupational activity centres and special education schools company.  

We kept the residents of 37 retirement homes company, organising various workshops and cultural events for them.

We helped prepare more than 6,900 (54 tons) of food packages and sorted out 6 tons of clothes at the Red Cross and Karitas organisations.

We collected almost 3.7 tons of pet food and offered our assistance at pet shelters and the Ljubljana ZOO.

Krka has hosted almost 19,000 visitors and Krka employees.