Supervisory Board

Matej Lahovnik PhD

Deputy President of the Supervisory Board

Matej Lahovnik holds a PhD in economics. He is a full professor at the School of Economics and Business at the University of Ljubljana and has worked there since 1995. As a researcher, teacher and mentor, he deals with strategic management, mergers and acquisitions, organisation and business skills. He was twice appointed Minister of Economic Development and Technology to the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. During negotiations for Slovenia’s accession to the OECD, he was leading the negotiation teams for corporate governance and investments.

He took part in several scientific and research projects on business behaviour and financial institutions in the transition period, the strategy of the Slovenian economic development and competitive strategies of Slovenian and Croatian companies, company acquisitions in the countries in transition, and market regulation after accession to the EU. He has authored or co-authored many papers on strategic management, company acquisitions and mergers published in scientific and research journals and at conferences. He has co-authored a scientific monograph, and authored or co-authored two university textbooks. He is also vice-president of the supervisory board of Mercator.