Who's who in Krka

  • Jože Colarič

    President of the Management Board and Chief Executive

  • Vinko Zupančič

    Member of the Management Board and Director of API Development, Production and Supply Chain

  • Aleš Rotar

    Member of the Management Board and Director of Pharmaceutical Development and Production

  • David Bratož

    Member of the Management Board

  • Milena Kastelic

    Member of the Management Board – Worker Director, Head of Semi-Solid, Liquid and Other Products and Head of Plant
    for the Production of Herbal Medicines

  • Borut Lekše

    Deputy Chief Executive of Legal Affairs and Head of Legal Affairs

  • Boris Dular

    Assistant Chief Executive of Human Resources

  • Dušan Dular

    Senior Professional Consultant

  • Marko Lampret

    Technical Director

  • Elizabeta Suhadolc

    Director of Marketing and Director of Pharmaceuticals

  • Alenka Jerman

    Deputy Director of Marketing and Deputy Director of Pharmaceuticals

  • Breda Barbič Žagar

    Medical Director and Director of Strategic Marketing

  • Mojca Vidmar Berus

    Director of Corporate Performance Management

  • Samo Komel

    Director of Non-Prescription Products

  • Jože Primc

    Director of Marketing of Animal Health

  • Damjan Možina

    Director of Sales and Director of the Region East Europe

  • Tomaž Sever

    Deputy Director of Sales and Director of the Region Central Europe

  • Miran Bevec

    Deputy Director of Sales for Russian Federation and Director of the Key Market Russian Federation

  • Mojca Prah Klemenčič

    Director of Region Slovenia and Director of Key Market Slovenia

  • Andrej Klobučar

    Director of the Region South-East Europe

  • Boštjan Korošec

    Director of the Region West Europe and Director of the Key Market West Europe

  • Matjaž Zavolovšek

    Director of the Region Overseas Markets

  • Zdravko Čuk

    Director of Key Market Croatia

  • Tomaž Indihar

    Director of Key Market Poland

  • Suzana Kolenc

    Director of New Products

  • Zvone Simončič

    Director of Pharmaceutical Research and Development

  • Valentina Zaletel Mišmaš

    Director of Pharmaceutical Production

  • Marko Herga

    Director of API Development and Production

  • Andrej Bavdek

    Director of API Production

  • Brane Kastelec

    Director of Finance

  • Mateja Vrečer

    Director of Quality Management

  • Dori Silvija Gorenc

    Director of Human Resources

  • Miran Kapš

    Director of Information Technology and Telecommunications

  • Elvira Medved

    Head of Public Relations

  • Mihael Florjanič

    Head of Industrial Property

  • Andrej Škulj

    Head of Safety and Health at Work

  • Boris Fakin

    Head of Public Services

  • Mira Rataj Siročić

    Head of Internal Audit