Employee development

There is no doubt that people are the guarantee for a successful future for any company. At the end of June 2022 the Krka Group had 11.618 employees.

Knowledge, experience and employee motivation are essential to Krka's growth, so we carefully plan the recruitment of new employees, their introduction to work, and their personal and professional development. We also work hard to create a working environment in which work requirements and results go hand in hand with job satisfaction and good interpersonal relations.

We monitor individual development throughout every phase of employment and attempt to draw the best out of each and every employee. It is important for each employee to get to know their strengths and the opportunities that will help them along the path to success. Our expert trainers, who are engaged in uncovered and developing employees' potential, have an important role to play in this.

At Krka we are always furthering our knowledge. Our employees participate in a wide range of education and training. Most of this is provided internally by the Training and Development Department, while employees also attend other forms of education at home and abroad. This maintains and enhances the level of professionalism in all areas, which helps us keep step with pharmaceutical developments around the world.

We want to be innovative, creative and always up-to-date, so we encourage employees to contribute useful proposals and improvements. We are proud to have received 2,918 proposals in the past five years. Many proposals have made work easier, quicker and more efficient.