• Restore our Earth

    Environmental challenges are faced with full responsibility at Krka. We are continually striving to reduce the consumption of natural resources and make it sustainable long-term, as well as reduce emissions and contribute to a better environment. We do this by implementing a myriad of projects where these issues are taken into the account already at the design phase and by organising various activities that encourage the involvement of everyone employed at Krka.

  • Krka share price over EUR 100

    Krka’s share price reached an important level on Friday 16 April 2021, topping 100 EUR per share for the first time since 12 May 2008. Krka’s share closing price on Friday was 101 EUR, bringing year to date growth to 10,5%.

  • Proposed dividend for Krka shareholders 17.6% higher than last year

    At yesterday’s regular Supervisory Board meeting, the Krka Supervisory Board and Management Board drew up a proposal that Krka pays its shareholders a dividend of €5.00 gross per share, which is an increase of 17.6% on last year’s dividend.

  • In product development we opt for the lowest water consumption technology

    This year's World Water Day, observed every year on 22 March, poses the question: “What does water mean to you?” Krka considers water as a very important aspect of the environment, carefully planning and controlling its consumption. This year’s theme ‘Valuing Water’ centres on the value of water, highlighting current water-related issues.

  • Krka Publishes Unaudited Financial Statements for 2020

    Krka, d. d., Novo mesto published Unaudited Financial Statements of the Krka Group and Krka, d. d., Novo mesto (Company) for 2020. The Krka Group generated revenue in total of €1,534.9 million, up 3% on 2019, reaching the highest value in the history of Krka. Unaudited net profit of the Krka Group amounted to €288.9 million, a €44.6 million or 18% year-on-year increase, and was also the highest up to date. Operating results of the past year show that our vertical integrated business model has shown resilience in ensuring our flexibility and responsiveness to the ever-changing and challenging situations. The 2020 Annual Report of Krka will be published on Thursday, 15 April 2021.