At the Croatian advertising festival Days of Communication, Septolete® duo was awarded with a bronze Effie trophy.

The key message of the marketing campaign for Septolete® duo, one of the best known sore throat brands, is ‘Your throat is your strength.’ It addresses the public through the selected media about the importance of the throat, which gives us the power to express our opinions, present our ideas and contend for them, or to comfort and motivate a person.

The Effie Awards are bestowed upon advertisers and agencies whose marketing communications are recognised to contribute to achieving and exceeding the set communication, marketing, and business objectives.

The award proves that preparation of marketing communications based on thorough understanding of the target group with a clear goal in mind and with a creative approach results in good sales performance and increases the value of a brand.

This product is marketed under different brand names in various markets: Septabene®, Septolete® total, Septolete® ultra, Septolete® omni.