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On the occasion of festivities to mark Krka’s fiftieth anniversary, a rich written monograph - The Story of Krka, was published.

The fiftieth anniversary has so far been marked by a jubilee celebration, an exhibition of paintings at the national Gallery and a symposium for Slovenian doctors and pharmacists. This time the representatives of all generations have gathered in Krka headquarters hall at Ločna Novo mesto; those who helped develop, during the fifties, a pharmaceutical laboratory from Novo mesto into the leading generic drug manufacturer. Numerous contributors and authors of the book attended a half-hour theatrical performance in which the actors Nataša Matjašec and Jure Ivanušič took them through ten most moving images of Krka’s history. Contents The book starts with sincere congratulations by Dr. Janez Drnovšek, President of the Republic of Slovenia. It is followed by a record of the speech by Mr. Miloš Kovačič, President of the Management Board addressing the guests of the fiftieth anniversary celebration held in May this year. Ten double-page photographs show the most emotional development stages, and fifty pages of large-size format contain the story as the central part of the book – a chronicle that the editors enriched with numerous testimonies by Krka employees and documentary photographs. Both general managers that Krka had so far, Boris Andrijanič and Miloš Kovačič, are the heroes of biographical portraits, whereas five legendary Krka’s products (Apaurin, Tolbusal, Oxytetracycline, Enap and Vasilip) are presented in short stories telling us about their first beginnings. The historical role and the current significance of Krka is described by renowned professors Dr. Franc Kozjek, Dr. Miha Japelj, academician Dr. Branko Stanovnik, Dr. Aleksandra Kornhauser Frazer and Dr. Julijana Kristl. Numerous Krka employees and retirees have contributed, for the Memories and Memorabilia chapter, the objects that remind them of their everyday work and life in Krka. Krka’s current strength is best presented in the chapter containing photographs of its production plants in the Russian Federation, Poland, Croatia and at home, in Slovenia. The book published on occasion of the company’s fiftieth anniversary is concluded with a letter by Miloš Kovačič, President of the Management Board expressing his trust that the company’s mission 'To live a healthy life' will motivate Krka and Krka employees in their endeavours for health and satisfaction of customers, employees, shareholders and other environment also in the future. Authors The book was edited by Zdravko Duša and Stojan Pelko, in assistance with Krka’s current and retired employees. It was designed by an acknowledged designer Žare Kerin and printed by Gorenjski tisk in 5,000 Slovenian and 2,000 English copies.