Pharmaceuticals and other products

Krka has registered a wide range of products in different countries. There are differences in registration and availability of our products among the countries.

Some products may also have a different trade name in different countries. Please contact local representative office for up-to-date details specific for your country or visit the available Krka's local web pages.

  • Prescription pharmaceuticals

    Krka's prescription pharmaceuticals are, in the great majority, the result of our own knowledge, since these are high quality generic products with added value.


  • Non-prescription products

    Krka has an extensive portfolio of non-prescription products covering all key indications for self-medication for which people frequently seek non-prescription medications to alleviate the symptoms.


  • Animal health products

    In the animal health field, we have more than 50 registered products. These are mainly products which act against the causative agents of infectious and parasitic diseases, feed additives, ...