26. 1. 2023

2022 Krka Group Performance Estimate

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The Management Board of Krka, d. d. held a press conference today to present the Krka Group 2022 preliminary unaudited performance estimate, which the Supervisory Board discussed at their meeting yesterday. The Krka Group generated €1,717.5 million of revenue last year, up 10% on 2021. According to preliminary unaudited financial statement estimates, the Krka Group’s net profit totalled €361.1 million, up 17% on 2021. The Krka Group and Krka 2022 unaudited financial statements will be released on Thursday, 16 March 2023.

The President of the Management Board and Chief Executive Jože Colarič stated: “The business operations of the Krka Group in 2022 were successful. Our sound business model and constant adjustments in various areas of operation helped us tackle the challenges we were faced with last year. The recorded revenue was the strongest since incorporation, totalling €1,717.5 million, up 10% year-over-year. Sales increased in all six sales regions, in most of our key markets, and across all product and service groups. Profitability remained high in 2022. The estimated a good €361 million of net profit is an increase by 17% over 2021. We obtained marketing authorisations for 11 new products – 9 prescription pharmaceuticals and 2 non-prescription products – and completed 490 marketing authorisation procedures. Investments at Group level amounted to €106 million and are expected to increase further this year. The Management and Supervisory Board adopted the Krka Group ESG Policy and the key strategic goals for the most important sustainability areas. They clearly set out the direction Krka is taking in respect of sustainable development. We are confident that our good performance will be recognised by our shareholders, which will have a positive impact on Krka’s share.”

Key Performance Estimates

 Krka Group
€ thousand2022 Estimate 2021 RealisedChange
– Of that revenue from contracts with customers
(products and services)
Net financial result51.8277.629
Profit before tax432.175362.417+19%
Net profit361.139308.150+17%
Earnings per share – EPS (in €)11,629,88+18%
EBITDA margin28.4 %29.6 % 
EBIT margin22.1 %22.7 % 
EBT margin25.1 %23.1 % 
Net profit margin21.0 %19.7 % 


In 2022, the Krka Group generated €1,717.5 million of revenue, of which revenue from contracts with customers on sales of products and services amounted to €1,708.5 million. Revenue from contracts with customers on sales of materials and other sales revenue constituted the difference. 2022 revenue exceeded the full-year revenue for 2021 by €151.7 million or 10%.

Sales growth was recorded in all sales regions and most sales markets.

Product and Service Sales by Region

      Region Slovenia,6.0
Region South-East Europe,13.1
Region East Europe,36.5
Region Central Europe,21.3
Region West Europe,19.2
Region Overseas Markets,3.9