21. 5. 2017

Choice for Krka’s medicine is choice for a clinically proven medicine

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Extensive clinical experience is one of the key added values of Krka’s medicines. It demonstrates that treatment with Krka’s medicines is supported by clinical evidence.

Clinical studies test the efficacy and safety of Krka’s medicines in clinical practice. Through clinical studies doctors gain experience with Krka’s medicines and further trust in them.

The results of clinical studies with Krka’s medicines are documented, analysed and published in national and international medical journals, which is another reason for the decades of trust in Krka’s medicines among the professional public and the patients.

Did you know …  that there is International Clinical Trials Day?
It is celebrated around the world each 20th May to recognize the day that James Lind in 1747 started the first randomized clinical study comparing different treatments for scurvy among sailors in the British Royal Navy.