21. 4. 2020

Earth Day marks its 50th anniversary this year

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The world’s Earth Day marks its 50th anniversary this year. Since 1970, the Earth Day has been celebrated globally every year. More than one billion people from 192 countries are mobilised. At events in all corners of the world, they call for action to increase environmental awareness.

Earth Day marks its 50th anniversary this year

A sound environmental policy is Krka’s strategic objective. One of our basic values is conservation of the natural environment, which is incorporated in the life cycle of each our product to the largest possible extent. We aim to conserve our natural heritage for future generations and for all living beings. The environmental certificate ISO 14001 granted to us in 2001 and the integrated environmental protection permit oblige us to reduce all our impacts on the environment. In line with the new ISO 14001:2015, we included environmental care in the earliest development activities and projects.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our way of life has been upturned and pollution has temporarily decreased. This, however, should in no way dampen our efforts for a clean environment. Each one of us can contribute to cleaner environment, and each contribution counts, no matter how small.