6. 7. 2023

Estimated Operating Results for the First Half of 2023

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The 29th Annual General Meeting of Krka, d. d., Novo mesto is being held at the Otočec Šport Hotel today. The President of the Management Board and Chief Executive Jože Colarič has presented the key 2022 Krka Group business results and main operating estimates for the first half of this year. »We recorded growth across all sales regions and all groups of products and services. We are content with the estimated 7% sales growth, which has exceeded Krka’s strategic target. Relative to the adjusted operating profit for the first half of 2022, the estimated operating profit for H1 2023 increased even more than sales despite inflation pressures, climbing 9%. This has resulted in the highest half-year EBIT in the history of Krka. Estimated half-year net profit was €170.1 million, 50% more than planned for the full-year 2023. This is, nevertheless, a decrease year-over-year because of high foreign exchange gains last year. The gap between the 2023 in 2022 net financial result is big over the half-year but is expected to close by the end of the year.«

The Supervisory Board is scheduled to discuss unaudited operating results of Krka and the Krka Group for the first half of 2023 at their regular meeting of 19 July, and a press release is due the next day.

Krka Group Financial Highlights

€ millionEstimate Jan–Jun 2023Jan–Jun 2022Index
– Of that revenue from contracts with customers (products and services)916.5853.4107
Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA)*288.6192.4150
Operating profit (EBIT)*236.2139.2170
Net profit170.1236.272
EBITDA margin31.4 %22.4 % 
EBIT margin25.7 %16.2 % 
Net profit margin (ROS)18.5 %27.5 % 
* The adjusted EBITDA totalled €270.1 million for the first half-year 2022, and the adjusted EBIT €217.0 million. Half-year 2023 EBITDA was up 7% relative to the half-year adjusted 2022 EBITDA, and half-year 2023 EBIT climbed 9% relative to the half-year adjusted 2022 EBIT.


Estimated Product and Service Sales by Region

      Region Slovenia,6.2
Region South-East Europe,13.9
Region East Europe,32.8
Region Central Europe,23.2
Region West Europe,19.8
Region Overseas Markets,4.1