23. 4. 2020

Happy anniversary – Krka

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​Today, 66 years ago, saw the formation of the Pharmaceutical Laboratory Krka in Novo mesto, Slovenia, which initially employed nine people.

Happy anniversary - Krka

Over the past few decades Krka’s dedication to knowledge, scientific advancement and always finding ways to improve people’s health have turned the company into one of the leading generic pharmaceutical companies in the world. Nearly 13,000 Krka employees are united in their common global mission to provide high quality, safe and effective medicines to more than 50 million patients worldwide under any circumstance.

To be able to face our challenges effectively, we rely on our vertically integrated business model that allows us to manage the entire life cycle of our products. We carefully plan our development, quality control, supply chain, production capabilities as well as our marketing-sales and support activities. Our dedication lies in producing high quality products, and keeping people healthy is what motivates us.