27. 8. 2018

“I had a heart attack and my life changed …”

2 min. read

“Three years ago my usual daily routine was far more energetic than what it is today. My work was responsible, and I spent many hours on the road.” This is how Eric, 54 years of age, reflects back on his former life. He never spent much time thinking about cardiovascular diseases, i.e. until he had a heart attack that changed his life.

One of the world's most influential opinion leaders in the field of cardiology Prof. Salim Yusuf from Canada delivered an interesting introductory lecture to around 200 experts from 20 countries.

Almost 700,000 people die in the EU from a heart attack every year. Eric is one of the people who survived a heart attack. He was willing to share his experience with the participants of Krka’s international symposium entitled the Power of Synergy, which took place on 25 August in Munich, Germany, during the congress of the European Society of Cardiology. Eric’s story was an excellent starting point to discuss the challenges and opportunities of concomitant treatment of high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, the two most common risk factors for developing cardiovascular diseases.

Many cardiovascular events can be more effectively prevented if we detect elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels early enough, treat these two conditions concomitantly and improve patient adherence. Single-pill combinations, which are based on the synergistic action among several medicines contained in a single tablet, are used to facilitate treatment and achieve better patient adherence. Krka also follows such guidelines and offers a wide range of single-pill combinations for treating elevated levels of blood pressure. Our newest solution is a single-pill combination of medicines that enables concomitant treatment of elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels with just one tablet a day. In 2018, we offered patients in Slovenia and a few other European countries a new effective solution – a single-pill combination of rosuvastatin and valsartan.