26. 9. 2023

Krka earns prestigious 2023 WIPO IP Enterprise Trophy Award

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Krka has been honoured with the esteemed 2023 WIPO IP Enterprise Trophy Award by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Bestowed by the specialised intellectual property agency of the United Nations, this prestigious accolade is dedicated to fostering a balanced and effective international system for intellectual property protection. The award was presented yesterday at the Jožef Stefan Institute to Aleš Rotar, Krka’s Management Board member and Director of Pharmaceutical Development and Production, by WIPO Director General Daren Tang and Karin Žvokelj, Director of the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office.

On the photo: Management Board member and Director of Pharmaceutical Development and Production Aleš Rotar, WIPO Director General Daren Tang and Director of the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office Karin Žvokelj.

WIPO recognises and applauds companies that consistently and systematically employ the intellectual property system in their business operations for their exemplary practices. The WIPO IP Enterprise Trophy Award is reserved for enterprises that actively champion innovation in their business ventures, collaborate proactively with public research organisations, and leverage the IP protection framework to bolster their business and marketing strategies. This initiative, which also enjoys the participation of the Jožef Stefan Institute, aims to encourage Slovenian companies to forge deeper partnerships with public research organisations.

During last night’s ceremony, following a roundtable discussion titled Intellectual Property and Commercialisation, an international panel of judges bestowed this prestigious award upon Krka saying that Krka stands out for its active collaboration with both domestic and international public research organisations. The jury specifically commended Krka’s cooperation on projects related to the development of new pharmaceutical products and technologies, commitment to fostering innovation within the company and the broader community, and the pivotal role intellectual property plays in Krka’s business success. This recognition is given to companies that safeguard intellectual property through various means, including patents, technological know-how, and trademarks at domestic and international levels, as well as facilitate knowledge exchange through technology transfer.

The accompanying memorandum further highlighted that Krka employs intellectual property not solely for commercial purposes but also as a catalyst for exerting economic and social impact. It underscored the company’s commitment to advancing the importance of intellectual property through a number of activities. Among these, the jury highlighted Krka’s awards for young researchers, a renowned event in Slovenia that has been nurturing science and innovation among younger generations for over half a century. They also praised the comprehensive system in place to foster an innovative environment and recognise employees for their inventive contributions. Additionally, Krka’s active engagement in promoting collaboration between academia and businesses at regional, national, and international innovation events was commended. Furthermore, Krka’s experts actively participate in various university programs, underlining the company’s culture, which is dedicated to fostering such a mindset within the workplace and beyond.