22. 9. 2023

Krka employees embrace sustainable, energy-efficient transportation

3 min. read

On Friday, 22 September, Krka once again participated in European Mobility Week. The theme of this year’s campaign is Save energy. An increasing number of Krka employees, both from Slovenia and abroad, are adopting sustainable modes of transportation for their daily commutes. We are walking, cycling, scootering, carpooling, or using other eco-friendly methods, extending our commitment well beyond the campaign itself. In doing so, we contribute to preserving our planet for future generations. This year, Trim Club Krka played a part in promoting sustainable mobility among employees by organising two cycling trips.


Sustainable commuting is on the rise

Sustainable commuting is becoming ingrained in the habits of Krka employees, rather than remaining a one-time occurrence. This has been the primary objective of Krka’s Car-Free Day for the past eight years: encouraging as many employees as possible to regularly choose sustainable transportation. In 2023, Krka employees from 13 countries joined the campaign.

We acknowledge that various commuting methods have their strengths and weaknesses for both society and individuals, considering factors like feasibility, flexibility, energy consumption, safety, and environmental impact. We are pleased to witness the growing trend of sustainable commuting at Krka, which reflects the successful implementation of our Mobility Plan. Most importantly, by adopting alternative commuting habits, employees contribute to improved road safety, reduced carbon footprints, and enhanced air quality.

Krka has adopted the same slogan for its campaign: “Save energy.”  There are numerous options for economically sustainable commuting: cycling, scootering, rollerblading, using public transportation, walking, or carpooling.  Each person chooses their preferred way to save energy, many of which involve physical activity that also promotes better health. However, it is crucial to ensure the safety of green mobility. Therefore, we regularly raise employees’ awareness of adhering to health and safety recommendations and measures, not only at work but also during their commutes.

For more economical and healthier commutes

In our commitment to a healthier environment, we installed two electric vehicle charging stations a few years ago, available to guests and external visitors. Krka’s car fleet also includes four electric vehicles, used by employees for service activities at Krka’s business and production sites in Novo mesto, Šentjernej, and Krško. Six electric vehicles are available for business trips.

We are especially pleased to note that an increasing number of employees who live near their workplace are opting to cycle to work. This year, we built a modern bike shed with 128 places in Ločna near Novo mesto. Soon, another shed with 50 bike spaces will be added at the northern entrance to the factory. Bike sheds are conveniently located at all Krka sites throughout Slovenia.