2. 12. 2020

Krka Receives Award for Best Annual Report Again

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At this year’s contest for best annual report of 2019, organised by the Slovenian business daily Finance, Krka was announced the winner in the large company category.

David Bratož

David Bratož, a member of the Management Board, who received the plaque on behalf of the company at the ceremony held in Maribor on 25 November 2020, commented that 2019 was one of the most successful years in the Krka Group’s 65-year history. All 2019 Krka Group performance indicators improved compared to the previous year and were the highest in the last five years.

‘Krka’s first and foremost goal is our continued effort to enhance our business results, to keep the public informed in a prompt and transparent manner, and to make our public statements even more engaging with interesting facts and explanations. In response to the growing interest of the general public in sustainability, we are improving the level of disclosure related to our sustainability projects. This award shows that our focus on continued advances in reporting is correct,’ added Mr. Bratož.

The main theme of the 2019 Annual Report were quality products, with ‘Committed to Quality’ set as the slogan of the report. The demand for Krka’s generic pharmaceuticals has been increasing primarily because of our innovations and high quality, our ability to adjust rapidly to each market, and price accessibility. Our 2019 Annual Report points out that Krka is a company with an advanced vertically integrated business model. This is one of our main competitive advantages and a precondition for quality and innovative products. In the past 10 years, we put on the market more than 40 new products as the first generic pharmaceutical company. We are one of the few generic pharmaceutical companies whose products have had clinical efficacy demonstrated in several international clinical studies in day-to-day clinical practice. All of this and much more has been presented in a most illustrative way to the public in our annual reports.

Krka has received the Finance daily Best Annual Report Award several times. Continuous improvement in reporting remains our guiding principle.