18. 4. 2017

Krka’s employees have joined in charity acts for the sixth consecutive time

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Krka’s volunteers participated actively in Krka’s Week of Charity and Volunteering, the 6th socially responsible campaign, under the slogan ‘Charity Is Also a Part of Us’. The campaign took place between 3 and 8 April 2017. This year, 1,200 Krka’s employees came forward as volunteers.

Krka's employees have joined in charity acts for the sixth consecutive time

Blood was donated by 275 Krka’s blood donors and many of us donated clothes, toys, foot wear, food, books and other necessities for adults and children as well as dog and cat food. We collected over 3.6 tonnes of necessities and 500 kg of pet food. We kept the elderly company at 35 retirement homes and residents of eight occupational activity centres, schools with special curriculum, other institutes and institutions, and offered a helping hand to an animal shelter and the Ljubljana Zoo.

On Saturday, 8 April, the week of charity acts was concluded by an open-door day for the participants of the University of the Third Age, and for Krka’s employees and their family members. Krka’s central production site in Ločna in Novo mesto was visited by 2,300 visitors. Charity and volunteering provide the chance for giving profoundly and getting even more in return: warm smiles, hand squeezes, grateful looks and happy eyes.

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