10. 5. 2018

Krka’s international symposium Talk solutions, mute the pain

2 min. read

Pain often accompanies various diseases, but it can also be a disease in its own right. Each of us has most likely already encountered it. Can you imagine living with it every day and experiencing its effect on everything you do?

The symposium was attended by 100 experts from 8 countries.

Krka is committed to improving the quality of life for people with pain, which is why on 10 May in Dublin, we organised our first international symposium on pain. This symposium brought together various experts who exchanged their experience about providing successful pain relief to their patients.

The participants were greeted by the Director of Marketing Elizabeta Suhadolc, who presented Krka and our analgesics. Rheumatologist Judit Pulai from Hungary, neurologist Stanislav Šutovský from Slovakia and orthopaedist Marcin Waśko from Poland shared their viewpoints and experience regarding the treatment of pain. The professional part was moderated by the renowned anaesthesiologist, Prim. Gorazd Požlep (Department of Pain Management, University Medical Centre Ljubljana).

In this past year, our medicinal products have ensured six billion pain-free hours for people all over Europe. This symposium means a new step towards taking care of patients with pain.