15. 5. 2024

Krka volunteers united in good deeds yet again

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During 11th Krka’s Week of Charity and Volunteering we shared the values ​​of volunteering and interpersonal assistance, connecting members of different generations under the slogan Charity is also a part of us. Activities took place across Slovenia, with 21 other countries joining in. Once again we socialised with the residents of retirement homes, wards in occupational activity centres, pupils in special-education schools and other institutions. We concluded the Week with an Open Doors Day at Krka’s central location in Novo mesto, where we hosted almost 1,800 Krka colleagues and their loved ones.

11 Krkin teden humanosti in prostovoljstva_Zavod_za_transfuzijsko_medicino_Ljubljana-w825

Many Krka employees recognise the importance of charity and volunteering, either within Krka or at their own initiative throughout the year. For almost seven decades Krka has been strengthening social responsibility and humanitarianism in the most direct way possible. We are delighted with the growing response to our charity campaign, which has been spreading the values of volunteering since 2012.

Numerous stories that pull at the heart strings

Over the course of the Week, Krka employees are offered plenty of opportunity to perform acts of charity. This year nearly one thousand Krka volunteers joined in the commendable efforts, and we are pleased to see a growing influx of young volunteers each year. In 2024 we were joined by 70 new employees, and the number of volunteers outside Slovenia grew as well; charity acts were implemented in 20 countries. In addition to volunteers in Slovenia, volunteers in Romania, Poland, Czechia, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Bosnia, Spain and Italy joined the campaign. Let’s not forget about our colleagues in Mongolia, India, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and several other countries who also contributed their share to the campaign by organising similar activities such as donating blood, collecting clothes, toys, books and other necessities, organising clean-up campaigns and charity bazaars, visiting orphanages and children with special needs, etc. Some decided to plant trees, and the list goes on and on. It’s worth noting that our activities are adapted to the needs of the environment in which we operate.

11 Krkin teden humanosti in prostovoljstva_Krka-India-w825
Our colleagues from India also joined us.

We have helped many people facing life’s hardships, as well as those facing feelings of loneliness. We gathered school, hygiene and other necessities for children and adults, collected clothes, helped at the Red Cross and Karitas organisations and offered our assistance in people’s homes, donated blood, helped the elderly in retirement homes, spent time with the wards of various institutions, collected food for pets and helped tidy up pet shelters.

We took the residents of 20 retirement homes on walks, did some gardening, helped them train their memory, exercised with them, took part in creative workshops, played bingo and much more.

This year, we also organised a varied programme for the wards of 17 Slovenian institutions, primary schools for special-needs pupils and the pupils of other institutions. We organised sports games for them, watched cinema shows and socialised at the swimming pool at Terme Krka. We also entertained them with dance and creative workshops. Krka volunteers also introduced them to their individual skills and hobbies, such as beekeeping and scuba diving. Over the course of the Week we offered learning assistance to children and showcased a couple of chemistry experiments.

Like every year we also donated blood. This year, we collected more than 77 litres of this important life-giving fluid in Ljubljana, Novo mesto, Krško and Ljutomer. Donating blood remains an important part of our corporate culture.

Throughout the Week we collected clothes, personal hygiene items and other necessities at various locations – Novo mesto, Ljubljana, Ljutomer, Šentjernej, Krško, Terme Krka.  By the end of the Week we had collected 2.3 tons of necessities at Krka’s locations throughout Slovenia. We helped arrange and prepare the clothes that were collected at Red Cross and Karitas organisations. We helped prepare 700 food packets at the Red Cross. In cooperation with both organisations we also offered our assistance to certain individuals at their homes. Our volunteers painted homes, cut grass, chopped firewood, cleaned apartments and much more.

Every year, we remember the animals who have been left without a caretaker. This year we collected 56 kilos of food for cats and dogs in various pet shelters. We made some of the shelters look more presentable by landscaping and painting them.

We ended the Week with an Open Doors Day at Krka’s central location in Novo mesto. The day was intended for Krka employees as we celebrate Krka’s special anniversary. We were visited by nearly 1,800 Krka employees and their loves ones.

11 Krkin teden humanosti in prostovoljstva_dan odprtih vrat-w825
We ended the Week with an Open Doors Day.


  • More than 10,000 Krka volunteers took part in acts of kindness.
  • We collected 34.2 tonnes of clothes, food, books, toys, person hygiene items and other necessities for the Red Cross and Karitas organisations.
  • We donated 1,175 litres of blood.
  • We helped prepare 8,995 food packages, sort clothes and personal hygiene items collected at the Red Cross and Karitas organisations.
  • We spent time with the residents of 37 retirement homes, organising various workshops and cultural events for them.
  • We engaged in social activities with the wards at 17 institutions and primary schools for children with special needs.
  • We collected almost 4.7 tonnes of pet food, helped at animal shelters.
  • Krka hosted almost 22.800 visitors and Krka employees.