3. 3. 2016

Krka’s business performance in 2015

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The Management Board of Krka, d. d. held a press conference, presenting to the public the unaudited performance results of the Krka Group and the Krka Company for 2015. President of the Management Board Jože Colarič told the press that the Group had sold EUR 1,164.6 million worth of products and services in the reported period. Sales growth in terms of volume was 3.3%. The highest sales growth (EUR 55 million, up 22%) was recorded in Region West Europe. Unaudited Group net profit totalled EUR 158.2 million. Krka Company sales totalled EUR 1,086.5 million and led to an unaudited net profit of EUR 146.3 million.

Krka’s business performance in 2015

Krka Group sales by Region

The highest absolute sales growth was recorded in Region West Europe with EUR 306.1 million of sales, representing 26.3% of overall Group sales. Overall sales in the Region were thus up 22%, while the sales of Krka’s brand products were up more than 35%. In Germany, Krka’s largest market in this Region, product sales totalled were up 27% compared to 2014.

Krka’s leading sales region was Region East Europe, sales value there amounting to EUR 327.5 million, which is 28.1% of overall sales. In both Krka’s key markets, the Russian Federation and Ukraine, euro-denominated sales did not match those of 2014, which caused overall sales in the Region to decline by 20%. Region Central Europe was next, sales there totalling EUR 279.9 million; this represents 24% of Krka Group sales and is an increase by 3% from 2014. In Region South-East Europe Krka sold EUR 139.6 million worth of products, which represents 12% of Group sales and is a decrease by 10% compared to 2014. Sales in the Overseas Markets totalled EUR 31.7 million, which represents 2.7% of Group sales. In relative terms, sales growth in this Region was the highest at 24% among all Krka’s sales regions. In Slovenia Krka sold EUR 79.9 million worth of products and services (health resort and tourist services contributed EUR 31 million), which is 6.9% of Group sales. Compared to the result for 2014, total sales in Slovenia increased by 2%.

Krka Group sales by product and service group

The most important group of products in terms of sales remain prescription pharmaceuticals, which contributed EUR 971.5 million in the reported period, representing 83.4% of Krka Group sales. Compared to 2014 their sales decreased by 2%.

Atoris (atorvastatin) remained the leading prescription pharmaceutical in terms of sales in 2015, with the other top ten best-sellers including Lorista (losartan), Nolpaza (pantoprazole), Prenessa (perindopril), Enap (enalapril), Emanera (esomeprazole), Valsacor (valsartan), Roswera (rosuvastatin), Zyllt (clopidogrel), and Arylazera (aripiprazole). Certain products are marketed under different brand names in individual markets.

Non-prescription product sales amounted to EUR 107.8 million, down 12% year-on-year, with their share in overall sales at 9.3%. Products with highest sales were: Herbion, Bilobil and Septolete. Animal health product sales amounted to EUR 52.1 million, which represented 4.5% of Group sales and is an increase by 12% from 2014. Products with highest sales were: Floron, Fypryst and Enroxil. Health resort and tourist services were up 3% to EUR 31 million, which is 2.6% of Krka Group sales.

Research and development

In 2015 the Krka Group obtained marketing authorisations for 24 new products (19 prescription pharmaceuticals, three non-prescription products and two animal health products) in 58 different dosage forms and strengths. Applying different European and national marketing authorisation procedures Krka obtained 560 new approvals for prescription pharmaceuticals, non-prescription products and animal health products.


In 2015 the Krka Group allocated EUR 95.9 million to investments, of which the controlling company invested EUR 69.6 million and subsidiaries EUR 26.3 million. Total investments, which also include commitments under existing contracts, amounted to EUR 158.5 million. Investments were primarily increasing and modernising their production capacities, and research and development capacities.

At Krka’s pivotal location in Ločna, Slovenia, they completed the construction of the production plant for solid dosage pharmaceuticals – Notol 2. The EUR 200 million investment provides new capacities for implementing the vertically integrated business model with which Krka controls the entire development and production process from raw materials to finished products. Production lines will gradually be added to Notol 2 to increase its production capacity to the target 4.5 billion tablets and capsules per year. Notol 2 was officially opened at the beginning of November 2015.

The construction of the new complex for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients in Krško, Slovenia with which Krka has increased its production capacity, took two years to complete. The EUR 85 million investment gives Krka new capacities for maintaining the entire process from development to production of raw materials and finished products. The 5,529 m2 plant was officially opened at the beginning of October 2015.


At the end of 2015 the Krka Group had 10,564 employees, of which 4,907 (46.5%) worked in Slovenia and 5,657 (53.5%) abroad. The number of employees at Group level increased by 65 (1%) from 2014, i.e. by 20 in Slovenia and by 45 abroad.

Krka Group staff with a university level education or higher represent 55% of the entire team, which is 5,792 employees; 152 of them have a doctoral degree and 349 have master’s degrees or postgraduate specialisations.

Plans for 2016

The Krka Group plans its sales next year to total EUR 1.210 billion and profit for the year to amount to EUR 160 million.

The estimated value of investments is EUR 162 million, which Krka will allocate mainly to expanding and modernising production facilities, research and development facilities, and infrastructure. The number of employees is planned to increase in 2016 both in Slovenia and abroad, by a total of more than 4%.

The plan for 2016 results from the Krka Group 2016–2020 development strategy and was prepared in October 2015. It was prepared with taking into account certain assumptions, such as price levels, foreign currency exchange rates, conditions on certain markets etc., which were applicable at that time. If operating conditions in 2016 are very different from assumptions, operations results may also differ from plans.