21. 9. 2020

Let’s talk about dementia

1 min. read

The average life expectancy and, consequently, the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease have been increasing over the past few decades; Alzheimer’s disease affects 5-10% of the population over 65.

This is a silent disease that keeps developing over a number of years and is mostly unrecognised by the environment until it progresses to such a stage that it affects the patient, the patient’s family and the broader community. It leads to a decline in the quality of life of both the patient and the patient’s family, social exclusion, fear and stigma. 

It is important to talk about dementia, since early recognition and treatment may help slow down its progression. On World Alzheimer’s Day celebrated on 21 September, Krka is taking part in an awareness-raising campaign with a forget-me-not, which is an international symbol of this disease.

Krka has been providing quality, effective and accessible treatment to patients for nearly 20 years with its range of medicines for treating Alzheimer’s disease.