28. 8. 2022

Single-pill combinations, simple solution for physicians and patients

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‘Time is money’ is a saying that applies to health and therapies as well. For years, cardiovascular diseases have been the leading cause of mortality in the world. One of the reasons is that therapy often starts too late and the disease cannot be reversed. Early detection and therapy, however, make disease management much easier. So do not waste precious time!

This was one of key messages at Krka’s International Symposium on Cardiology that took place on 26 August 2022 in Barcelona. The event hosted 150 participants from 16 countries, and featured pre-eminent British cardiologists, Professors Kausik Ray and Neil Poulter of Imperial College London.

We are often not aware how damaging high blood pressure and cholesterol can be, because the two ailments do not hurt. We therefore postpone the treatment until damage to the heart and the cardiovascular system are so advanced that they cannot be reversed. If so, time is our enemy. Time, however, can be our ally and friend if treatment is not postponed until even more medications are necessary.

The guests, primarily cardiology experts, agreed that early management of the two key risk factors offers opportunities that should be taken much better advantage of. Too many tablets often represent a psychological obstacle for patients, so simple solutions must be made available to them. Cardiologists and cardiology guidelines encourage use of combinations of two or more active ingredients in a single pill. The lecturers gave practical advice on most rational and effective use of single-pills, not only for the initial treatment, but also for more complex cases. They stressed that single-pill combinations make the treatment regimen easier, so patients comply better and take them more regularly.

Krka is a specialist for single-pill therapies. Our single-pill combinations for hypertension therapy have long been the physicians’ first choice for treating patients with hypertension. We have also added to our portfolio single-pill combinations for lowering high cholesterol levels. We are one of few providers of single-pill combinations for concomitant lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol levels by only one tablet a day.

The internationally renowned British experts, Professors Kausik Ray and Neil Poulter, during a lively discussion on key issues of contemporary cardiology.

Participants (from left to right): Metka Miklavič Gasser, Project Manager (Krka); Alenka Kmecl, Key Brand Manager (Krka); Prof. Neil Poulter (Great Britain); Breda Barbič-Žagar, Medical Director (Krka); Prof. Kausik Ray (Great Britain); and Jana Golob, Key Brand Manager (Krka).