6. 2. 2017

The Power of Synergy

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Do you have high cholesterol? Do you also at the same time have high blood pressure? You are not the only one. Half of people with high blood pressure have also increased levels of cholesterol at the same time.

The symposium was attended by about 130 top cardiologists from 14 European countries.

Cardiovascular diseases remain one of the biggest healthcare challenges. Management of risk factors, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure, is of vital importance for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. When both these two factors are present at the same time, their impact on the development of cardiovascular diseases is not adding but multiplying. Their management in practice is still poor. Data indicate that after 6 months of treatment only 1 out of 3 patients regularly takes the prescribed medicines. Therefore, one of the key treatment goals is to improve patient adherence and with this to more efficiently prevent cardiovascular events, such as myocardial infarction and stroke. New, more successful treatment options are offered with the development of medicine and pharmacy. They are based on the synergistic action of two or more active substances.

The challenges and opportunities of concomitant therapy of hypercholesterolemia and hypertension were discussed at the international symposium The Power of Synergy held on 3 February in the Krka Hall in Novo mesto, Slovenia. Organized by the Slovenian Society of Cardiology, the symposium was attended by about 130 top cardiologists from 14 European countries.

We at Krka are also facing new challenges in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. We are continuously updating our wide range of antihypertensives and hypolipemics. Our newest solutions include fixed-dose combinations which allow concomitant treatment of hypercholesterolemia and hypertension with only 1 tablet per day, such as the fixed-dose combination of rosuvastatin and amlodipine. This year we plan to launch as the first in Europe also the fixed-dose combination of rosuvastatin and valsartan. With such medicines we help to improve patient adherence in the treatment and prevent cardiovascular events more successfully.

By spreading knowledge, exchanging opinions, experience and ideas among international experts and through scientific cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry, we easily overcome barriers in the treatment and thus improve the quality of patients’ lives.