29. 5. 2022

The story of Krka is a story of its employees

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Once again we honoured all those Krka employees whose dedication, hard work and innovation contributed to the success of the company, and allowed them to achieve their personal and creative milestones. Plaques were awarded to long-service employees, best employees, best managers and colleagues who excelled in the fields of marketing, regulatory affairs and innovation. Krka badges were handed out for the first time, denoting a special type of recognition and company loyalty. Long-service employees were addressed by Krka’s CEO Jože Colarič, who thanked them for their contribution to company growth; it’s worth mentioning that in 2022 Mr Colarič is himself celebrating his 40th work anniversary.

The story of Krka is a story of its employees

Krka is a wealthy company, boasting numerous and varied markets and products. Still, the company would not be what it is today without its workforce. This was one of the things that Mr Colarič emphasised when he congratulated the Krka Awards recipients at Otočec and acknowledged their contribution to Krka’s success. “The Krka Group is like a large international family operating in 70 countries worldwide. Knowledge, experience, speed and flexibility along with mutual trust and goal orientation enable us to take the right decisions, overcome different barriers and contribute to Krka’s growth.”

Symbol of company loyalty

The number of employees has been rising steadily, from a handful in a small laboratory to almost 13,000 that today work in various companies and representative offices abroad. Generations of inventive and creative employees have been fuelling the company’s growth throughout its 68 years of existence, turning it into one of the largest and most successful generic pharmaceutical companies.

In 2022, 778 Krka Group employees will be celebrating their work anniversaries. Of them, 494 have worked at the Krka Group for 10 years, 127 for 20, 34 for 30, 71 for 35, and 52 for 40 years.

Company loyalty plaques were also conferred to employees from Poland, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czechia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Ireland and Sweden. Long-service employees are a symbol of company loyalty.

Best employees and best managers

Krka’s optimism is based on conviction that Krka employees are united in their common mission all over the world, even though they speak different languages and belong to different cultures. We are aware that Krka’s success is based on its workforce, which is why the company is quick to award its best employees. Each year we award numerous employees from Slovenia and representative offices and companies abroad. This is an indication of our international stance and our commitment to continue expanding our business network around the world.

This year we awarded 46 best employees and 20 best managers at the organisational unit level. Among 138 award recipients, 10 best employees and 5 best managers were selected at the Krka Group level.

Marketing award winners for 2021 were also included in the selection for best employees and best managers: 50 of them were recognised as best medical representatives, 2 as best marketing managers, 4 as best brand managers, 1 as best internal trainer, 8 as best district managers, 2 as best heads of area, 1 as best digital marketing employee and 4 as best key account managers. We also awarded 5 best employees from the field of regulatory affairs.

Awarding innovation

Krka is well aware that innovations of all types are vital for increasing the company’s competitive edge. We encourage creativity in all work processes and at all levels of our operation, which is demonstrated in Krka’s successful business operations. The most active employees and business units are awarded for their innovations.

With our corporate campaign Your Effectiveness Counts we try to encourage our employees to strive to continuously improve the quality of their work. This ensures continuous improvement of the quality and integrated management systems, generating savings through useful proposals and improvements.

As in previous years, we handed out special awards for best proposer, best useful proposal, best improvement and best organisational unit in terms of innovation in 2021, which went to the Engineering and Technical Service department. The unit’s director Marko Lampret accepted the award on behalf of his colleagues.