15. 4. 2019

Volunteering across Slovenia and abroad

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On Saturday, 8th Krka’s Week of Charity and Volunteering concluded with an Open Doors Day. During the Week, Krka employees engaged in acts of kindness that brought a great deal of satisfaction to many.

Volunteering across Slovenia and abroad

From 8 to 13 April, 1,250 Krka employees came together under the slogan Charity is also a part of us, representing 20% of Krka’s entire workforce in Slovenia. We were also joined by Krka employees from 24 companies and representative offices abroad.

At the Open Doors Day we presented pharmaceutical production to 2,040 students of Third Age Universities and family members of Krka employees. The visitors were pleasantly surprised about the order and cleanliness in our company. They were impressed by the professional attitude and good humoured nature of Krka employees, and especially by Krka’s President of the Management Board and CEO Jože Colarič, who presented the company’s global network, Krka’s employee care, as well as our immediate and broader environment in which we operate.

We have thus concluded our socially-aware campaign, during which we engaged in acts of kindness and helped spread positive attitude wherever we went. The campaign proved to be a major uniting force once again. “To help out your fellow man, let them know they are not alone, offer a warm smile and a kind gesture,” is the purpose of being a volunteer.

During 8th Krka’s Week of Charity and Volunteering, 298 Krka employees donated 131 litres of blood, collected more than 4 tonnes of necessities and 400 kg of pet food, prepared 4.7 tonnes of food packets and sorted out 1.9 tonnes of clothes at Red Cross and Karitas locations. We socialised with the elderly at 28 retirement homes and the wards of 12 occupational activity centres, special education schools and other institutes and institutions across Slovenia.

We helped arrange the landscape of an animal shelter in Maribor. We are happy to report that 10% of those who joined our efforts were first-time volunteers. Every year we are pleased to see an increasing number of colleagues from Krka’s companies and representative offices abroad join our campaign, this year from 24 countries.

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