16. 10. 2022

We have to say NO to pain

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Pain is real. It is unpleasant, yet we don’t have to suffer from it. The important thing is to discover its origin as soon as possible and treat it accordingly.

This was one of the main topics discussed at Krka’s international symposium Say NO to Pain that took place on 14 October in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The symposium was attended by 160 guests from 11 countries. The key speakers were Assoc. Prof. Maja Rus Makovec from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana from Slovenia and Prof. Bart Morlion, former president of the European Pain Federation from Belgium.

Assoc. Prof. Maja Rus Makovec (Slovenia) and Prof. Bart Morlion (Belgium) during a lively discussion on pain treatment.

The way we assess pain is still somewhat of an issue, because pain is experienced subjectively. It can’t be measured with objective means as is the case for blood pressure or blood sugar levels. We often tend to underestimate the pain someone else is experiencing. We must always trust the patients and believe them when they tell us they are in pain.

Pain, especially chronic, affects all segments of one’s life: physical and functional operation, family and social life, work capacity and everyday activities, mood, quality of sleep and one’s overall health. This reduces the quality of life of patients and their loved ones. Comprehensive approach to pain is therefore necessary, including psychological treatment, use of painkillers and an active lifestyle.  Professor Bart Morlion stressed the importance of naproxen among painkillers. He referred to naproxen as the “ideal pain killer” due to its effectiveness, quick and long-lasting action, safety profile and its ability to treat various types of pain.

Krka offers a wide range of analgetic medicines

In cooperation with doctors, Krka has been contributing to pain relief for more than 40 years. We offer a wide range of analgetic medicines. Nalgesin S* is available without a prescription and is one of our most recognisable and clinically tested medicines.  

Participants (from left to right): Elizabeta Suhadolc, Director of Marketing (Krka); prof. Bart Morlion (Belgium); Assoc. Prof. Maja Rus Makovec (Slovenia); Veronika Hribar, Key Brand Manager (Krka); Jasna Meško-Obretan; Head of Area; and Metka Miklavič Gasser, Project Manager (Krka).

* Our medications are marketed under different brand names in various countries.