9. 10. 2019

World Mental Health Day

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Small acts of kindness and bringing joy to others can make a world of difference in our lives. Studies show that they make us feel happier, relieve stress, boost our immune system, and help us deal with negative thoughts and feelings, such as anger, anxiety, or feeling depressed.

World Mental Health Day

Today, we celebrate World Mental Health Day. It reminds us to look at mental health in a positive light to shatter stigma associated with mental health conditions and make way for more people to seek help and support they need.

Medicines play a key role in the treatment of mental disorders and should be carefully chosen to best suit the needs of individual patients. A broad portfolio of Krka medicines has helped alleviate mental health problems effectively and safely for millions of patients all over the world.

Our involvement in the international campaign for raising awareness of mental health conditions shows our support for actions aimed at improving mental health and wellbeing.

We encourage you to join us with a simple thing to do: Pass on a kind word to your friend or colleague, and brighten up the day for you both.