20. 7. 2022

Krka Reports on 2022 Semi-Annual Business Results

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In the first half of 2022, the Krka Group generated revenue in the amount of €857.4 million, up 6% on the first half of 2021, yielding net profit of €236.2 million, a 33% year-on-year increase. The Supervisory Board of Krka discussed the 2022 semi-annual business report for the Krka Group and Krka at their regular meeting yesterday.

The President of the Management Board and Chief Executive Jože Colarič explained: ‘The Krka Group performed successfully in the first half of 2022. Sales increased in all six sales regions, most our key markets, and also in all product and service groups. We recorded the highest semi-annual net profit to date. The situation in Ukraine and the Russian Federation leaves us no choice but to constantly adapt our business in many areas. The course of future events and their impact on Krka’s annual performance are difficult to assess given the state of affairs. Results for the first half of the year are encouraging, and we expect to achieve the 2022 goals. Our sales are planned at €1,610 million and net profit at approximately €300 million. Business results for the remaining part of 2022 may depend on any new situation that might arise, including a potential new wave of COVID-19, the related restrictions imposed by individual countries, rising prices of raw materials and energy-generating products, the situation in eastern Europe, and volatility of exchange rates important to Krka.’

Financial Highlights

  Krka Group Krka
€ thousand Jan–Jun 2022 Jan–Jun 2021 Index Jan–Jun 2022 Jan–Jun 2021 Index
Revenue 857,443 808,585 106 846,874 711,771 119
– Of that revenue from contracts with customers (products and services) 853,440 806,546 106 706,544 631,970 112
Gross profit 433,687 460,744 94 509,658 403,534 126
EBITDA 192,373 255,030 75 282,730 208,650 136
Adjusted EBITDA1 270,112 255,030 106      
Operating profit (EBIT) 139,250 200,505 69 241,777 165,980 146
Adjusted EBIT1 216,989 200,505 108      
Profit before tax (EBT) 277,059 207,251 134 377,692 178,114 212
Net profit 236,151 177,426 133 317,526 154,586 205
Effective tax rate 14.8% 14.4%   15.9% 13.2%  
R&D expenses 81,020 75,581 107 81,472 73,675 111
Investments 49,479 29,503 168 34,986 22,503 155

Performance Ratios

  Krka Group Krka
  Jan–Jun 2022 Jan–Jun 2021 Jan–Jun 2022 Jan–Jun 2021
Gross profit margin 50.6% 57.0% 60.2% 56.7%
EBITDA margin 22.4% 31.5% 33.4% 29.3%
Adjusted EBITDA1 margin 31.5% 31.5%    
EBIT margin 16.2% 24.8% 28.5% 23.3%
Adjusted EBIT1 margin 25.3% 24.8%    
EBT margin 32.3% 25.6% 44.6% 25.0%
Net profit margin (ROS) 27.5% 21.9% 37.5% 21.7%
Return on equity (ROE) 22.6% 19.3% 31.2% 16.6%
Return on assets (ROA) 17.6% 15.2% 24.9% 13.5%
Liabilities/Equity 0.251 0.256 0.223 0.215
R&D expenses/Revenue 9.4% 9.3% 9.6% 10.4%

1 We have increased the inventories of raw materials, materials, bulk products, and products in our subsidiaries in the Russian Federation to provide for long-term uninterrupted supply of Krka’s pharmaceuticals in the Russian market. The purchase was made in roubles. Inventories are current, necessary, and will be converted into finished products and sales in the upcoming months. The value of the said inventories expressed in the euro further increased on account of significant appreciation of the rouble, which impacted the Krka Group income statement and temporarily reduced its EBITDA and EBIT. In order to present the results correctly, the table above includes accounting values as well as adjustments. Adjusted EBITDA and EBIT do not include the effect of unrealised profit in inventory of intragroup companies in the amount of €77.7 million as a result of the appreciation of the rouble.


The Krka Group generated €857.4 million in revenue, of which revenue from contracts with customers (products and services) reached €853.4 million in the first six months of 2022, Krka’s strongest half-year sales to date. Overall sales grew by €48.9 million or 6% year on year.

Sales increased in all sales regions, most key markets, and in all product and service groups. Sales volume increased by 5%.

Product and Service Sales by Region

  Krka Group
€ thousand Jan–Jun 2022 Jan–Jun 2021 Index
Region Slovenia 49,420 41,772 118
Region South-East Europe 119,261 112,266 106
Region East Europe 287,683 276,523 104
Region Central Europe 196,063 188,903 104
Region West Europe 168,536 159,622 106
Region Overseas Markets 32,477 27,460 118
Total 853,440 806,546 106


Accounting for 33.7%, the Group’s largest region in terms of sales was Region East Europe. Product sales reached €287.7 million, up €11.2 million or 4% year on year. Product sales in the Russian Federation, our largest individual market, totalled €172.7 million, a 3% year-on-year increase. We generated €45.8 million in product sales in Ukraine, down 1% year on year. We recorded sales growth in all other markets of eastern Europe and central Asia, except Kyrgyzstan.

Second largest sales region was Region Central Europe, accounting for 23% of total Krka Group sales. This region generated €196.1 million in product sales, up €7.2 million or a 4% climb year on year. Product sales added up to €88.8 million in Poland, our second largest individual market, up 1% year on year. Sales denominated in the Polish zloty grew by 3%. Our product sales advanced by 16% to €30 million in the Czech Republic. All three Baltic markets also recorded growth.

Generating €168.5 million, Region West Europe was the third largest region in terms of sales and account for 19.7% of Krka Group sales. Sales grew by €8.9 million or 6% year on year. In Germany, Krka’s largest market in the region and third largest individual market, product sales amounted to €47.2 million, recording a 9% year-on-year increase. We achieved sales growth in most other regional markets as well, the highest in Benelux (29%), Scandinavia (17%), and Portugal (16%).

Region South-East Europe generated product sales of €119.3 million, constituting 14% of Krka Group sales. Product sales went up by €7 million or 6% year on year. We recorded sales growth in all markets of the region and the highest absolute growth in Croatia, Romania, and Serbia.

Region Slovenia increased sales of products and services by 18% to €49.4 million. Product sales amounted to €30 million, up 6% year on year. Health resorts and tourist services yielded sales total of €19.4 million, a 46% year-on-year climb. Domestic market sales accounted for 5.8% of Krka Group sales.

Region Overseas Markets generated product sales of €32.5 million, up 18%, constituting a 3.8% share of Krka Group sales.

Sales by Product and Service Group

  Krka Group
€ thousand Jan–Jun 2022 Jan–Jun 2021 Index
Human health 786,814 748,246 105
– Prescription pharmaceuticals 709,172 689,129 103
– Non-prescription products 77,642 59,117 131
Animal health products 47,208 44,960 105
Health resorts and tourist services 19,418 13,340 146
Total 853,440 806,546 106

Prescription pharmaceuticals constituted the major part, i.e. 83.1%, of the Krka Group total sales. The Krka Group generated €709.2 million by sales of prescription pharmaceuticals, up 3% on the first half of 2021. Year-on-year sales increases by regions were as follows:

  • Region Overseas Markets 17%;
  • Region West Europe 6%;
  • Region Slovenia 6%;
  • Region South-East Europe 4% and
  • Region Central Europe 1%.

Sales of non-prescription products reached €77.6 million, up 31% on the same period last year (i.e. 9.1% share of overall sales). Sales of animal health products increased by 5% to €47.2 million, accounting for 5.5% of total sales. Health resorts and tourist services generated €19.4 million, 2.3% of total sales, up 46% year on year.

Research and Development

We plan to obtain marketing authorisations for at least 12 new products in 2022. We intend to provide for even higher quality and safety of the established products by undertaking additional development activities. In the first half of 2022, we added four new products to our product portfolio.

We obtained marketing authorisations for prescription pharmaceuticals as follows:

  • An antithrombotic agent Dabixom (dabigatran etexilate);
  • A new single-pill combination of perindopril arginine and amlodipine for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, available on markets as Neoamlessini, Amlessa, AmlessaNEO, Aramlessa, Tonarssa NEO, Dalnessaneo, Dalnessa AS, or Aperneva;
  • The cardiovascular agent valsartan in China.

We extended our portfolio of non-prescription products with Magnezij Krka 400 water soluble granules.

In the first half of 2022, we obtained 217 new marketing authorisations on various markets, of that 139 for prescription pharmaceuticals, 12 non-prescription products, and 66 animal health products.

We obtained a new Certificate of Suitability to the monograph of the European Pharmacopoeia (CEP) for our losartan API.

We pay special attention to established products, evaluate, complement, and adjust them to latest scientific findings and regulatory and marketing requirements, which makes it possible for us to uninterruptedly supply our products to all markets. This year, we have filed marketing authorisation documents for almost 14,000 variations and received approvals for more than 15,000 regulatory variations, of which more than half present an even higher level of quality. We can increase flexibility and competitiveness in providing product supplies to the markets owing to this.


In the first half of 2022, the Krka Group allocated €49.5 million to investments, of that €35.0 million to the controlling company.

Our important investments are stated below.

  • We finished equipping Notol 2 (Novo mesto, Slovenia), our state-of-the-art plant for the production of solid dosage forms. We installed several highly automated and robotised packaging lines, of which the last two were made ready for operation in June 2022. This made the facility fully technologically equipped. Its full capacity is 5 billion manufactured and 8 billion packed tablets and capsules per year. We apportioned €39.2 million to the investment.
  • We finished several investments in total of €8.2 million to upgrade the capacities for research, development and analyses in our development-and-control laboratories.
  • We are investing €26 million in additional capacities for compression mixture preparation and granulation in the tablet compression process, and in logistic capacities at the Solid Dosage Form Products plant (Novo mesto, Slovenia). We estimate 2022 expenses for room refurbishment and procurement of technological equipment at €17 million.
  • We started preparation works for the construction of a multi-purpose replacement building called Paviljon 3 in Novo mesto (Slovenia) in March. It will house an extension for our microbiology laboratory and additional rooms for several organisational units. Earthworks and laying deep foundations for the building are currently in progress. The investment is estimated at €19.3 million.
  • We plan to build an extension to Sterile Products Department and install a new line for sterile solutions in order to double the capacity for the manufacture of animal health products. This will provide for the long-term production of higher volumes of sterile products in compliance with GMP standards. The investment was estimated at €29 million.
  • We also plan to increase the production capacities for granulation and packaging at our Ljutomer Department (Slovenia), and refurbish the rooms in the old part of the plant in compliance with good manufacturing practice guidelines. The total value of investments was estimated at €16.4 million.
  • We plan to build new facilities for API development and production in Krško, Slovenia. We have obtained building permits for Sinteza 2 plant (for API synthesis) and laboratories for chemical analyses (Kemijsko-analitski center in Slovene) based on project documents and environmental impact assessment. The procedures for obtaining an environmental permit have started. We intend to start construction after the permit is granted. This project also includes construction of a highly efficient wastewater treatment plant for complete treatment of effluent. The investment estimated at €163 million agrees with our strategy of vertical integration, from the development of a product to its production.
  • We expect installation of the secondary packaging line in the production-and-distribution centre in Jastrebarsko (Croatia) to increase production capacities for solid forms of animal health products by one quarter. The investment is estimated at €1.8 million.
  • Investment in expansion of production and laboratory capacities at the Krka-Rus plant in the industrial zone of Istra, a town north-west of Moscow, is in the finishing phase.
  • Our joint venture Ningbo Krka Menovo in China continues to purchase manufacturing and quality control equipment. The manufacture of products for markets outside the country has been arranged in facilities taken on long-term lease, and since January 2021 also of first products intended for the Chinese market.


At the end of June 2022, the Krka Group employed 11,618 people, up 1% on the year-end 2021, of whom 5,331 worked abroad, constituting 46% of the total Krka Group headcount. The Krka Group employees with at least university-level qualifications accounted for 51% of all personnel, and 203 employees held doctoral degrees. Together with agency workers, the Krka Group employed 12,576 persons.

Investor and Share Information

Krka had 47,142 shareholders at the end of June 2022. On 30 June 2022, Krka share traded at €94.20 on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, down 20% on year-end 2021, when it traded at €118.

In the first half of 2022, Krka repurchased a total of 21,689 treasury shares. At the end of June 2022, it held 1,705,597 treasury shares, accounting for 5.201% of total shares.